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Other Corns


The Double Red sweet corn is new for 2018! This sweet corn has kernel colors that range from very deep red to dark purple. It is a very early (85-100 day) open pollinated sweet corn that can be eaten in early stages. At full maturity, it can also be dried or ground to produce traditional corn flour. It was bred by Alan Kupuler of Peace Seeds. The stocks, tassels, husks, and cob are all a deep red/purple color. The ears are 6-7 inches in length. The rare color comes from pigments called anthrocyanins which are widely considered to contain anti-oxidant and  anti-inflammatory properties.

EARTH TONES DENT CORN SEED (1500 seeds/lb.) 

This dent  flour corn variety  has an ear 8-10 inches in length. The remarkable trait of this dent corn lies in the beautiful muted colors in the ear. They are soft colors- the earthtones of gold, bronze, mauve/pink, green, browns, blues and shades in between predominate. The colors remind one of late summer or fall . The kernels of the corn are NOT the shiny, deep intense colors found in Indian Corn. The ears contain many of the soft colors found in nature near harvest time. One more important fact- it is an early dent variety. It has a maturity of 85-95 days. The beautiful ears can be used for fall decorations,  ground into flour, or used as feed for birds and other animals.


This will be a new addition. It is an ear large in size - like Earth Tones Dent, but the kernels of corn are true green in color. The colors vary slightly, but most kernels will be shades of green. This is VERY UNUSUAL for corn- to be GREEN in color!! It is a short maturity- about 95 days. It has good vigor and is neat for decorating. It is a flour corn, so could be ground for feed or flour.


BLOODY BUTCHER CORN SEED (1,500 seeds/lb.)

Bloody Butcher is a heirloom or heritage corn.  The ears are “blood red”- a deep red ear with some darker red kernels intermixed.  It is a dent flour variety.  The ears are large-8 to 12 inches in length and more than two inches in diameter. The size and shape of the ear is much like field corn.  The plant grows 9-12 feet tall with one or two ears per stalk.  Maturity ranges from 100-110 days.  The mature plant has good standability and seems to be drought tolerant.  The ears are placed high on the stalk, sometimes above eye level.  The softer flour corn can be ground for flour .  My research indicates that it can be eaten or roasted like sweet corn in the early milk stage of development. The ears are really pretty and make nice fall decorations.




This unique corn is new .  It is an “offshoot” of our Green Oxacana Dent Corn. These is large corn- like Earth tones and Bloody Butcher in size, but with kernels that are bright green and yellow in color. The ear is a mixture of the two colors- hence the correlation with the  colors of Green Bay Packers and John Deere! It is a novelty corn - have some fun with it!! It has a maturity of about 95-100 days.



This heritage open pollinated corn produces 7 inch ears on six foot plants. When kernels are still white the ears can be picked and used like sweet corn. When the ears mature the kernels turn black, gray-black, or bluish black in color.  When dried it can be ground for corn meal. Early maturing in about 85-90 days. The raccoons love it when the ears are filling!!

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