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Colored Popcorns


Bisek Gardens started marketing this miniature colored popcorn in 1985 at a time when few seed catalogs carried miniature ornamental popcorns. Because it was one of the first types to be marketed, many of the now "mini-corns" are derived from our original seed stock. There are a wide range of colors in the ears produced. The small shiny kernals come in colors of red, yellow, black, gray, brown, purple, pink, blue, white and orange. Some mini-ears are solid colors but most are combinations of many colors and calicos- like full sized Indian Corn. A small percentage have purple, red, or brown husks and cobs. It has a maturity of 95-105 days. Plant like the miniature blue popcorn seed.


Miniature Blue Popcorn is a gorgeous medium blue colored ear. The small narrow cobs average 2-4 inches in length. The shiny kernels are medium to deep blue in color.  They are NOT purple as in the “Hopi Blue” types.  The plant averages 6-7 feet in height with two, three, or four ears per stalk.  The seed can be planted in early spring when the soil warms.  Plant the seeds 1/2-3/4 inch deep and about 4-5 inches apart.  Plant several short rows for better pollination. Crowding the plants of this variety tends to keep the ear size small.  Seeds should germinate in 7-10 days.  Ears are mature when the husks turn light brown in the fall. The ears should be air dried for several weeks before using.  This mini-blue popcorn has a maturity of 100-110 days. It is POPcorn so it can be popped for eating! The small dry ears can be used in dried arrangements, fall decorations, bird feeders, wreaths, and crafts.  The colonial blue color of the ears makes them popular for “country decorating”.

CALICO POPCORN SEED (3000 seeds/lb.)

Calico popcorn ears are larger than our miniature popcorn varieties, but smaller than Indian corn.  The ears range in size from 5-8 inches. The kernels of seed are multi-colored with reds, yellows, and calicos most common. There are also ears with brown, black, green, blue, pink,  and orange kernels and many ears with shades of these colors. The ears contain colors and color combinations normally found in Indian corn. The maturity of this variety is 100-105 days. The seed can be popped or used for decorations

EARLY PINK POPCORN SEED (3500 seeds/lb.)

This Early Pink Popcorn is growing in popularity for two reasons. First it is VERY EARLY with a maturity of  85-95 days. Second, the color of the pink is very appealing. The kernels of pink are much the same as our miniature pink popcorn- pink to mauve to light purple.  This early maturing popcorn has stalks about five feet high. The ears are 5-7 inches in length and about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. There are usually 1-2 ears per stalk. Again this variety can be popped for eating or used in decorations.  Bisek Gardens has had many requests for ornamentals that are SHORT SEASON. This variety should mature in high altitudes  or northern latitudes. A small percentage of ears will be  pink “bearclaw” - another interesting characteristic of this appealing variety.


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